New Leaf Chandelier

leaf chandelier gold_065

leaf chandelier gold_068

This ornate chandelier has been inspired by the impending arrival of summer. It is festooned (a much underused word) with garlands of leaves and topped with glowing flower bulbs. It looks delish.

Available in 3 different customised texture styles so you can take your pick from a choice of;

leaf chandelier gold_008

The photos hopefully show how good they can look under different Windlight settings and have all been shot using the Singularity viewer with shadows and advanced lighting enabled. Which reminds me, the chandeliers are materials ready so the glossiness and shine of the metallic finishes will be apparent only with the advanced lighting switched on. As they are modifiable, you can always turn off this feature and use the standard shine settings instead.


  • The 100% original mesh chandelier
  • With 3 light settings
  • LI = 15 (including the chain)
  • Copy/Mod = Variable size and therefore land impact


In store (use the teleporters and head for the shop)

Via the Marketplace

The dining chairs and table are available to buy in-world and will be on the Marketplace in the next week or so.

leaf chandelier gold_026

leaf chandelier gold_079