Butterscotch Cottage Revisited

Butterscotch Cottage Feb 14_009

Butterscotch, the sunny coastal inspired yellow Cottage has been updated again!

This is part of my ongoing plans to update all cottages and replace all my old sculpt furniture with new mesh models. It is a mammoth task that will take me the rest of 2014 to complete and that’s not to mention all the work I plan to do for Kitely.

I may still decide to ‘jack it all in’ as we say in England and go and live on a desert island for a while with no Mac, ipad or iphone or go back to nature and spend time in a fabulous forest for a year. My batteries definitely need re-charging.

But I digress, back to Butterscotch, so what’s changed?

  • She’s 25% smaller so now has a maximum 32m x 32m footprint which can be made even tinier
  • Being smaller also means having a lower Land Impact which is now just 190 down from 233
  • She was always a part mesh build but she now has new mesh windows, shutters and fireplaces

Overall she is a lot lighter, more dainty and a great homely cottage for medium sized plots. She comes with the usual accessories pack to get you started on your decorating and just follow these links for more info and where to get your new home!

More information on accessories

Pick up Butterscotch Cottage on the Marketplace

Product Info and ops manual

Take a look at her springtime cousin

Butterscotch Cottage Feb 14_006