Woodvale Cottage For Sale

Nice awning and double doors at the back
Nice awning and double doors at the back

Yeaaaa! Woodvale Cottage is now for sale. For all of those who have been asking me at the store ‘when is Woodvale going to be ready???’ well she’s ready now : ) There’s a generous accessories pack with this cottage as well and as she’s Fox’s sister, you may want to take a look at that build as well.

Woodvale Cottage Facts & Figures

She’s nestled in a shady corner of Ven River, nice and quiet if you want to get away from it all. Use the teleporters to to visit all of the current cottages

Land Impact 154


Texture Change (hundreds of options)

Includes a whole heap of accessories (110 Land Impact )

  • Mesh Chandelier
  • Outdoor benches x 4  plus matching coffee table
  • Outdoor Porch Lamp
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Ambient Sounds
  • Working Fire
  • Free radio
  • Other lights and rugs
  • Log stack plus axe
  • Woodland tools

Buy On The Marketplace

Or In-world at Ven River

See this previous post for lots more information and photos;

Part Mesh

I know it’s really boring but please read the manual and always take a copy of your house. The Ops Manual does really help and may prevent a lot of worry!

Mesh builds work differently to standard prims so if you wish to modify make sure you have a good understanding of what happens when you start to dismantle mesh builds. If unsure use the links below for more insight and tips which may prevent a lot of crying over ruined cottages : (

Just relaxing
Just relaxing