My Favourite Places

Favourite Places Meme_002

Another great meme from Strawberry Singh, I really love this one, my favourite places. Well there are many but first is Bar Harbor. This is one of the early places I stumbled across when I joined Second Life and one of places that convinced me to stay a bit longer. It is a fantastic multi-sim sailing heaven and you don’t have to be a resident to sail there. They have strict rules on the look and feel of all the Bar Harbor sims so it creates a really strong impression of the great outdoors and calm open spaces.

It makes an interesting change to go sailing here with friends for hours instead of clubbing or shopping and if you don’t have a boat (I’m sure everyone must have one in their inventory somewhere) you can get so many 0L or 1L boats/yachts on the Marketplace or splash out on something more advanced.

The water is the open area where anyone can rez their yachts, climb aboard and set sail. What I love about it is not just the great open scenery but the great builds you see here, fabulous houses, forested areas even airboats. Don’t forget to look under the water or go snorkelling as I came across this underwater plane, God knows what happened here!

Favourite Places Meme_004

The other big plus is that there are so many sims to explore, so many other yachts to avoid and changing scenery not to mention all the other sailing mega regions surrounding it such as Sailor’s Cove, Anchor’s and many other, altogether probably around 20+ sims. The other unusual thing is that although it is very busy the lag always seems a little less there, I’m not sure if it’s all those open spaces. I hope you enjoy your explore!

My second is of course my in world store at Ven River which I’ve had for a couple of years and is my second store. I love to landscape but what convinced me to pitch my store here was Marina Xi’s great landscaping work. I’ve been a tenant of the land company she co owns Glenxi for a long time and they are great landlords. So a good base was created for me to work on.

favourite places meme_010

My aim was to create a beautiful place for people shop and relax and hang out. All of my cottages (bar one) have oceanside views, some have cuddles, some dance areas and all have free radios accessible by any visitor to change the music to suit. So if you are looking for a calming place to relax and hang out with no hassle you may have just found it!