True Brit ~ Group Gift Released!

Group Gift April-May 2015_011

This month’s GROUP GIFT is a bumper pack of goodies inspired by the UK’s recent elections and endless politics but more on that later.

Included in this month’s pack is:

  • A lux ironwork bed plus sits and ruffled sheets (the full cuddle and texture change version will be available later in the year)
  • Extra cushions
  • 2 styles of rugs (copy/mod)
  • A simple prim with a print of Vinnie the British Bull Terrier (also copy mod)
  • Total LI = 25 with the bed coming in at just 14 LI
  • The lovely crowns used as props are not part of the pack but are available from a  store  called  via the Marketplace for absolutely nothing … nada …. 0L$

Don’t forget that Group Gifts are only available for 14 days after release so you’ll need to be quick if you are not already a member. To claim your gift once you’ve joined or in case you missed it, open up group info, go to notices and then select the relevant notice. An option to download any attachments will appear below and you will be able to snap up the gift.

Group Gift April-May 2015_013

I am sure you will enjoy using your gift and it should help to fill up some of those extra rooms that have lain empty for a while. The style of this bed would work really well in Fox Cottage, Woodvale Cottage or the Woodland Beach Hut (still only 99L). The crate you see next to the bed in the photos is the box the set comes in and so is easy to use as a bedside cabinet too, just turn the crate around to hide the store logo!

Group Gift April-May 2015_020

As I mentioned earlier, the design has been partly inspired by the recent UK elections and a long period of political debate about the future of the UK. Now that we have the election results and the new government is in place it is clear that their plans will usher in a whole new phase in British politics and history. There has been a lot of discussion over the last few years over what it means to be British. Some of those discussions have been long overdue and useful and some have been reactionary and unhelpful.

We’ve had endless debates over our membership of the European Union and constant attention on immigration (including the demonisation of immigrants) and of course we’ve just had the Scottish referendum on full independence. The whole idea of what is a true Brit, who is a true Brit and what it means to be British is in a long term state of flux. The next 5 years will see definite changes around our relationship with Europe, whether we stay as a United Kingdom and the drawbridge being pulled up to prevent more ‘undesirables’ coming into Britain. Hopefully the politicians will remember that Britain has been at the centre of the Human Rights movement for over a century (it was mostly invented as a concept by the Brits) and a haven for the oppressed and refugees for hundreds of years. Some of the proposals already being muted have made me shudder and it’s only week 2 of the new government.

So the design of this month’s Group Gift is a celebration of some of the kitsch things that the rest of the world identifies with Britain, part of the British ‘brand’. Instantly recognisable but in some way only part of the story. I was born in the UK, the daughter of hard working Afro Caribbeans and feel 100% British and yet we are seemingly only part of what it is to be British when it suits…..athletics, cricket, singing … etc 🙂

However, undeterred I will continue to celebrate all the fabulous things about what it means to be a Brit now and will continue to post about it over the rest of the year. In the meantime we all wait in anticipation as to what happens next.

Group Gift April-May 2015_028