AViChoice Award Nominee & Introducing Lincoln Beach!!!


I logged in world one day last week to see a notecard from the AviChoice Awards people. Imagine my surprise to see that I had been nominated for ‘Favorite Home Builder’! After the initial shock I was really thrilled to have been nominated and that so many of my customers and followers had thrown my name into the proverbial hat.

So before I write anything else this is just to say a big thank you to all those who nominated me, that was really sweet and means a lot ❤ ❤

And now I am on the campaign trail, your designer needs you! I am seeking support from my in-world group, my blog, twitter and Flickr followers to vote for me. So that should add up to around 25 maybe 30 people that I (hopefully) can count on :-p


It would be super cool to win but I am a realist and know that I am up against some formidable talent and many outstanding 3d artists.  Just being nominated will make me happy for the rest of the year, I am a simple soul really.

However, it does no harm to drum up some support and if you would like to, please vote for MOCO HOMES Emporium!


The house you see showcased here is Lincoln Beach which is work in progress.

It will be released in the next couple of of months and has a number of different design inspirations. On the outside it is reminiscent of a big, old style English barn but inside it is awash with light, space and tranquility. There are lofty, cathedral high ceilings and large crystal windows surrounded by steel frames. It’s modern, contemporary, open plan and design inspired.

For those who like 20th Century art the windows are sort of inspired by the influential Dutch painter Mondrian by combining the window frames into the random abstract patterns for which he is well known.


The final house specs will change slightly as the build progresses and the furniture will be different. All furnishings will be created specifically for Lincoln Beach and I am hoping to release the full furniture pack at this year’s Relay for Life, so stay tuned!



Thanks again for all your purchases and support and for helping me to have a store in Sl since 2007… wow that’s a long time!