Goodbye SLGO …… I will miss you…


I was slightly sceptical (as usual) when SLGO was first introduced and was initially put off by its blurriness, occasionally shaky graphics and weird interface. However if you’ve been in SL any amount of time you soon get used to anything and will always reconcile yourself to the fact that things don’t always work as well as they should.

After  a bit of a lacklustre start I soon began to find it really useful. As someone who travels a lot and  with an active in-world business plus thousands of customers it has made answering customer questions and sorting out customer problems a lot easier. I used to log into SLGO on my laptop but if I am feeling particularly lazy or worried about breaking a nail the availability of SLGO on my iPad meant that my big heavy laptop carrying days were over.

It was just soooooo easy using my iPad to keep my in world business ticking over whilst sitting on a beach or relaxing in the bath/jacuzzi/spa etc. In fact, I soon stopped noticing the blurriness and over time even sussed out the interface. It helped me to provide a good service, keep everyone happy and not worry about whether my laptop would be able to cope.

Cloud gaming must surely be the way forward.


So I was a bit shocked and inconvenienced to hear that they had selfishly sold out to Sony to save their business and we all know that Sony won’t give a stuff about a bunch of moaning virtual worlders. And now sadly we are all right back to where we started and it really does feel like a big retrograde step for SL kind.

How will I cope … what will I do …. am I to be shackled to my Mac forever???

So come one Linden Lab help us out for once and set up your own cloud service. I would happily sacrifice all my so called premium benefits to get easy access to ultra high graphics and ultra high everything if it meant I could finally interact in-world without the dreaded lag and better still, be able to visit big events without having to derender all of the other avatars around me.

SL Going Going Gone 15

After a bit of faffing around I even managed to work out how to take photographs on SLGO (which was not straightforward) and all of the photographs in this post were taken using the soon to be former cloud service.

As you will see the resolution in the photos is fantastic and clear and although I have a high spec computer I struggle to get about in SL with all the graphics fully loaded.  I will really miss taking photos this way and am loathe to spend a lot of money on an even faster machine to still only get a half arsed service. For all non Brits, arse = ass.

I hope you enjoy these final shots taken with SLGO and the numerous, gratuitous shots of myself !

Thank you SLGO and come on Ebbe Linden, help us out please!


PS – If you’re waiting anxiously to hear about the next MOCO HOMES build then you won’t have to wait much longer as Lincoln Beach is on it’s way … so stay toooooned for lots more info coming soon.

More last photos from SLGO ….. sob …..

 All Houses & Decor by yours truly @ MOCO HOMES Emporium 

Credit Where Credit Is Due

  • Hair by – Magika ‘Tendency’
  • Dress by – [LaVia&CO]
  • Mesh Body by – Belleza Venus 2 mesh body with attached feet and hands
  • Bracelet – Moco’s own
  • Shoes – Glamistry ‘Aster’ High Heels
  • Make-ups – Gloss lips by Dark Midday Designs
  • Skin – LAQ