Mr Snowman Is Waiting For You

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He’s a nice chap, friendly, warm and chatty, well as chatty and as warm as anyone made of frozen mesh water can be but I digress. He keeps sending me IMs asking when am I next coming in-world as when he’s not chatting to customers he says he’s a bit lonely. I really should have made him a girlfriend which I will try to do if I have the time.

xmas at ven river_104

In the meantime he’s all yours, if you want him and he’s waiting to be picked up at the store at Ven River. And he’s totally FREE, GRATIS, LIBRE he’s 100% mesh, copiable, loveable and my Christmas present to you!

FREE at the in world store!

Oh…and I almost forgot. He says that he heard a song on the radio whilst he was just hanging around and he loved some of the lyrics. He’s asked me to pass those words onto my readers. I don’t think he has quite realised that it is a bit of a political song, challenging us all to think about what Christmas really means and has become. However the words Mr Snowman wants to share are the real sentiment of the holiday season, whichever faith or not you follow…

We wish you a hopeful Christmas
We wish you a brave New Year
All anguish pain and sadness to
Leave your heart and let your road be clear

Paraphrased from Greg Lake’s ‘I believe in Father Christmas’

Winter Fashion

Hair ~ Truth

Scarf ~ Severed Garden

Leggings ~ BD

Boots ~ Bonnie by Redgrave

Pearl Necklace ~ Mandala

Belted Coat ~ Giza

Flat Cap ~ A Moco Creation

Mr Snowman ~ Another Moco Creation [Mesh]

xmas at ven river_095

xmas at ven river_083