Butterscotch Update

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I completely updated the accessories that come with Butterscotch Cottage a few months back following customer feedback but totally forgot to mention it….oooops! So it’s out with the prints and and indoor flowers and in with more outdoor furniture and decor.

This is a substantial property with a New England/Scandinavian type feel and is frequently bought by those with in-world families (yes many people do have them) and they like the overall space and the separate upstairs areas. However each house can be adapted as needed for a modest customisation fee (dependent on the amount of work involved) and I recently customised one to have a single large space upstairs. It was for a discerning lady who just wanted to create her dream boudoir.

I hope you like the changes and if you would like anything custom built just get in touch via this blog!

The new accessories include:

[147 LI – Copiable]

~ Working fires

~ Chandelier, Lights & Lanterns with On/Off Switch

~ Occasional Tables

~ Walk in closet, with cupboards, hat boxes and hangers

~ Outdoor Chairs with multi-sits

~ Ambient sounds and fire fly lights

butterscotch new accessories_011

Walk in closet ~ lots of space for your Redgrave, Gizza and LaViere wear

butterscotch new accessories_006

This low table with drawers is not part of the standard pack but is available in world in white and in rustic wood.

The radio is FREE and come in numerous colour ways/designs. So pick up one or many! You can add your own stations and/or subscribe for a small fee to 500+ streamed stations just follow the instructions when you first switch it on.

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Although not included in the pack you can also pick up some white frosted lanterns at my in world store which have on/off switches and work well in snowy winter settings. There are 2 sizes at the moment, they have on/off switches and 2 light intensity settings which cast a subtle, warm white light. They are intended for outdoor use but would work well inside just bear in mind the light radius is around 3/4 metres which may cast the light a little wider than you would need for indoor use.

butterscotch new accessories_007

Frosted storm lantern ~ 2 sizes buy in-world

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Butterscotch Cottage 2_013


Various versions of these benches are available in world and in different woods and cushion covers.