100 Today!!!

100 Today Card

This is my one hundredth post….yayyyyy!!!

Thank you WordPress for reminding me! It’s also a double celebration as I completely forgot that this November marks my 5th year in Second Life, so my little Avi has just turned 5!

I am a semi regular blogger so getting to 100 is a really big deal for me. I’m no fashion blogger, as mocoscribe.com was originally set up simply to provide info for my customers and a place to highlight and promote my latest builds. So, compared to the expert SL fashionistas and virtual commentators such as Caoimhe Lionheart, Strawberry Singh, Cozey SL or Peep Sideshow  to name but 4 (see blogs I follow for the rest), one hundred posts must seem pretty lame!

100 Today!!

Although I post in a sort of ad hoc way – sometimes leaving weeks between posts – I have really enjoyed the experience and would feel quite lost without my blog as it has also been an interesting vehicle for me to voice all manner of random opinions and mad notions! But mostly I have loved the photography, learning more about lighting, composition and Photoshop. All useful stuff for a RL visual artist.

100 today_019

Over the next few days I may go on a trip down memory lane looking at some of the things that have happened over those last 5 years and if I dare will dust off some old photos (that should be funny/horrific). But for now I’m just waiting for a couple of old SL friends to teleport me over so we can dance celebrate and reminisce. I’m also thinking wistfully about all the lovely friends who no longer come in world and wonder if they still miss it…..do they miss me?

100 today_030

Dress & Shirt ~ FLG

Cottage ~ Lavender Cottage @ Ven River and the Marketplace

Furniture ~ Moco Emporium Ven River

Hair ~ wasabi

Shoes ~ Donna by Redgrave