Woodland Winter Wonder Hut For Sale!

christmas hut wip_026It’s finally finished and this is genuinely a gem of a hut, ideal as a secret hideaway nestled in a winter forest, or on a secluded beach or perfect as a little place of your own to unpack shopping, get changed or to do some entertaining! Plus there’s a little something special for group members…please read on!

You now need never buy another hut as with a little imagination and a lot of inbuilt help you can have as many different huts as you want. It would be perfect as an addition to your main house or for smaller plots and is designed to match all of my other cottages. Have a look at the photos throughout this post which gives you just a taster of the numerous texture change options.

It comes with a full texture change pack which will make changing from a winter to a summer, spring or autumn look very easy. Choose from rustic woods, beach blues or summer yellows and all colours in between. The texture change panel is also access controlled and easy to use, although as it’s copy/mod you can add your own textures too.

With the texture control panel you can pretty much change most of the hut turning it from a cosy rustic home into a summerhouse/beach lodge in just a few clicks. The curtains are inbuilt so you can quickly match all your decor and there are a range of internal shabby chic wallpapers or rustic panels. You choose!

The house comes as the winter version but you can easily remove the snow roof and change the look.

And …… Group Members get 20% off the current price when you buy from the hut vendor in-world. Go to the hut vendor, select pay and choose the lower price once your group tag is activated.


Hut Footprint = 7 x 7

Hut & Patio Footprint = 14 x 14

Land Impact = 58 (with snow roof and curtains)

Land Impact = 48 (without snow roof and curtains)

Permissions = COPY/MODIFY


This hut comes with a seasonal accessories pack of;

~ Sparkling Winter Topiary Trees

~ Christmas Garlands (various colours and styles)

~ Outdoor/indoor lanterns + on/off switch

~ Crackling Fire + on/off switch

Accessory pack LI = 76 but this can be reduced dependent on your decorating tastes!


The hut comes as a single build so is easy to place without the need for a rezzer.

The accessories do come with a rezzer, just place the rezzer box at the doorway and choose ‘rez all’. When you are happy that everything is in place, go to ‘options’ and select ‘store’. This will remove the rez scripts and leave your decor in place, you can now safely remove the rezzer box.

*** PLEASE SEE THE ONLINE MANUAL for full details on using your hut and for setting the doors etc. Plus the manual will answer most of your initial questions.


~ At the In-world Store

~ On the SL Marketplace

Woodland Hut_089