‘Heavy’ Snow At The Ven River Store

Ven River Winter_014

Ven River Winter_019

If you haven’t been to the Ven River store recently then you will notice a definite chill if you visit in the next few weeks. Winter has descended across the land like a big frozen fist. There is snow and ice everywhere. I do love winter in SL, it is always very atmospheric and avatars go to great lengths to create the right look and feel. One of my favourite places to visit in winter is Calas Galadhon Park and that will feature in my next seasonal post.

To make the most of the wintery feel when you do visit my store or anywhere else be sure to select the best windlight to ramp up the chill factor. Some of the ‘Places’ windlights really help to create the sensation of an icy, moody, permanent looking freeze.

You will also notice when you come that many of the cottages now have heavy snow mesh roof tops. These are not strictly for sale as they are still work in progress. That’s because they are still very high impact (about 29+ LI each… I need to do more work on Maya to reduce the LI) and as such they are really too high to sell at full price. Seriously I would be laughed off the Marketplace trying to offload snow add ons of that weight.

A Winter Offer….

winter at ven river_015

However,  they do look nice and very seasonal – so, if you’ve bought one of my houses or are about to buy one and would really really like to take a fluffy snow roof with you then just get in touch. I’ll then set about creating a pack especially for your home, which will include;

  • The high LI snow roof
  • The original roof textures
  • A nice frosty tile texture
  • A realistic snow texture
  • Some snow mounds
  • And a snow maker

All for just 99L


Special note.Atlantis Beach will not come with a big fluffy snow roof, it just wouldn’t look quite right as it’s a beach house an’ all… but if you insist I can pull together a snow and frost textures pack that you can use on the roof and on the windows for the same price. However, please be sure to take a copy of your house before you start to do any re-texturing and please be sure that you know what you’re doing……..

Eventually the final snow roof packs will sell for around 400L. Please be patient if you do send in a request for one of these packs as this could very easily turn into a Black Friday style stampede…..be kind!

Ven River Winter_015