Woodland Hut Furniture ~ Work In Progress….

woodland hut WIP_005

This is just a quick taster of some of the furnishings that will be available in the New Year for the newly released Woodland Hut. I enjoy the experience of creating new and upgraded decor for my builds and with this hut I have been surprised at how much I have managed to cram into a small space! These pictures show the texture change hut with a clean but seasonally shabby white interior, a look I do particularly like especially surrounded by newly fallen snow.

So far I’ve managed to cram in; a double bed (which will eventually have cuddles), a small table and 2 chairs, 2 armchairs, crackling fire place and a set of suitcases/storage. As time progresses and my creative muse allows there will also be a small stove for keeping you stoked up with tea and coffee and for making your lunch : ), some newly chopped logs, crockery and a few pots and pans, cupboards and food stuffs. There will also be more random decor just to help to create that hideaway, homely ‘please do not contact me, I am hiding in my den and have left my mobile phone in the main house for a reason’, type of feel.

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Of course all of the furniture will be mesh which is why it takes so long to create so bear with me. See the previous Woodland Hut blog for more details or see it in world at my newly snow covered store!

woodland hut WIP_004

woodland hut WIP_001