Please Take A Seat….

Dining Chairs_009

Look out for a new mahogany dining table and dining chairs in store. You will find the first of many different funky variations as shown in these photos. At the moment just the cream chairs and mahogany dining table are available (in-world) but I will be adding new chairs over the next couple of days.

You can expect a mixture of traditional and quirky textures as the week goes on so keep a look out for your favourite! They come with a range of high end chat, drink, sit and relax animations, all of which are fluid, active, natural poses. So you will have plenty to talk about and do!


  • 100% Mesh
  • Chair LI = 4  and they are copiable
  • Mahogany dining table LI = 6 and is copy/mod
  • They will match any of the Moco Emporium cottages and summer houses


  • The Marketplace (coming shortly)

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Dining Chairs_011