Moco Falls For Flat Ebbe

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I loved Strawberry Singh’s photo with flat Ebbe, it was brilliantly done and very funny. So I decided to pick up one of the flat Ebbes that she kindly created for all of us to do this week’s meme. I don’t often do them but really love this one. I didn’t quite bargain for Moco’s reaction when she first set eyes on him as she seemed to fall quite in love and to lose control of her faculties. It was a little embarrassing.

She started to assume many flirtatious poses and some rather risqué ones, most of which can’t be published on a moderately rated blog. She really did go over the top, gazing at him lovingly, showing him around her latest under construction build Greystoke Cottage. She paraded him around the house like a prized possession, overwhelmed by his ruggedly handsome, mesh features. He said nothing, did as he was told and assumed the correct poses without even batting an eyelid. Between you and me, I’m not entirely sure she realised he was just a cut out!

You may think that as she’s my avatar I have some control over her (you would think so) but every now and then she seems to just do her own thing; assuming her own poses, pulling a face when I try and get her to hold something she’s not too keen on and glaring at me when she has something else to do and wants me log off! Anyway, I think she has been bitten by the love bug and has lost control of her senses but you be the judge!

My Comments For Ebbe

  1. Please, please do something about Tier before everyone leaves. There is absolutely no reason (other than greed) in this day and age with super hot servers that tier should cost so much. Why does it cost the same amount per month to ‘hire’ a virtual island with just 15000 prims for the same price as buying a new BMW? At least I can sell my BMW afterwards and get some money back. People will leave. It may not be a mass exodus but a slow demise, death by a thousand cuts. Most other virtual worlds offer sensible prices and although the argument that SL is still the biggest by far things can and do change
  2. Please, please upgrade the infrastructure so that lag is but an ancient myth. I had a look at SL Go recently (I paid for unlimited time for one month) and it looked good. But despite the fairly quick rezzing there were still some major latency problems and fuzziness, it was another disappointment, not to mention the fact that I couldn’t save photographs to my hard drive and the viewing screen was quite small and I couldn’t be made any bigger. SL Go isn’t going to work as a stand alone offering it should be part of the core SL offer and LL should offer a cloud based viewer to all premium users, that would get more people signed up. As a creator I don’t want free gifts (things I could probably make for myself anyway) or a teeny tiny bit of land, I want something really useful. We live in the 21st century why does it take forever for things to rez? And I have a fast computer, an iMac with 8 gigs of ram, have superfast internet (25 to 35 megs) and at times I can barely move in world 😦
  3. Please, please, please provide more support for creators. Please make it easier and safe for us to store our creations off world, please add on extra building tools so that working with mesh is easier. Please increase the prim allowance, double it at least so that I can go back to concentrating on creating beautiful things rather than making things as low LI as possible, it’s really boring! And once creators get bored….yep you guessed it….they’ll LEAVE!!

Ps – I’ve noticed that some other members have been shamelessly plugging their creations/services in their posts so I will do the same; So, Ebbe, baby, when you start looking for your dream country home or even if you just want a place to stay….give me a call 😉

Credit Where Credit Is Due

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