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Japanese Inspired Lighting

japanese Floor lamps 5a

These simple low cost lamps are now waiting for you on the Marketplace. They cast a warm effective natural night and look great in oriental or contemporary settings. As they are low prim they would be a good addition to any of the Linden Homes.

The Land Impact is a measly 2 each

They are copiable

And they have 3 light intensities, hi, lo and off

So, you can’t ask for more than that…what are you waiting for you, treat yourself … you know you want to!

Japanese floorlamp 7a

8 thoughts on “Japanese Inspired Lighting Leave a comment

      • Oh shucks that’s great but no need to have spent your Lindens I would have given you one. I’ll send you a refund once I am back from the gym and pilates : (

        I looked at the DrLife skins but no joy as her skins are not deep enough for my complexion. But how cr*p is the SL search? I put in multiple versions of the name and nothing came up!

      • Don’t you dare! Who would I most want to support than a friend! And yes I was wondering about the skin tone, it is a classic Asian line. I’ll have to search it when I am in world bc I always seem to find it but you aren’t the first person who told me it’s hard to find.

      • Aahh ok but thanks for your support it means a lot. However I am working on some Asian globe style lanterns in mesh, you know those round ones made from that gossamer wrinkled paper. They will be in the same texture so I will send you some of those if they turn out ok. If you don’t get anything just assume that they turned out badly!

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