Kitchen Kitsch


Recently I’ve been spending my limited in-world creative time building a new kitsch kitchen set for Woodvale & Fox Cottages but one that will also fit into any of my cottage creations. It is work in progress as you will see from the missing handles and the empty shelves. Here are some pics though of the work in progress. It’s taken a long time to even get this far as I’ve also recently come to the startling self revelation that I really do build quite slowly compared to other merchants.

Everything else I do fast (apart from love, painting and drawing in RL) I talk quickly, think quickly, make friends quickly and am quick to laugh, a hundred times a day. But when it comes to making stuff I have to balance out those other two Moco’s (two of many) the one that is a perfectionist and the one that is easily bored.

The perfectionist is utterly absorbed with creating the best she can with whatever it is that has consumed her focus in that moment. The easily bored Moco loses interest immediately another idea flies in or some flight of fancy takes hold. And so it takes me about 3 months to build a cottage (I can hear the other house creators laughing deliriously now) but I start with an initial idea, throw some mesh, prims and textures together, research some ideas from the interior designers who follow my blog or whose blog I follow. I then decide that it looks rubbish or become bored with it discarding it for 2 months or so and then complete everything in a frenzy of activity usually over 4 weeks.

This isn’t a set process that I’m describing here but a random chain of events that have, over time, formed themselves into a recognisable creative pattern. I actually started this kitchen about 5 months ago…


I’ve no idea why I can’t just throw things together like other people or dedicate myself to producing a new house every 2 weeks. I really wish I could, it would be more lucrative! But whereas the money I earn from SL is very welcome and pays for all my in world and shopping needs it’s the making of things that is the most satisfying and drives me on. Even if I never sold anything ever again (I would be disappointed of course) but I would still create, that genie is definitely out of the bottle. Actually I do know why my labours take time, it’s because nearly ok is never ok….didn’t Yoda say something similar?


This will be a decorative rather than an interactive kitchen so expect the final version to look pretty but don’t be expecting to bake any cakes! Adding animations to furnishings is my least favourite activity, a totally boring but necessary activity. My view is that is what AOs are for and as they get better why add more unnecessary animations and lag to furnishings? As you can see it also has a Belfast sink (which will have running water and sounds), a fridge (again decorative, I mean you can’t eat any of the milk, cheese or eggs I create right??). It will also have lighting, a retro style cooker, rugs, kitchen utensils, kitchen trolley etc etc. I may add a couple of sit animations to the worktop but we will see.


The rugs are available now in store and these texture change blinds come built into Woodvale and Fox Cottages.

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