NEW Expanded Store!

White Leather Armchair With Hair-Brush Animation Plus Many Others


Hello to all my regular readers and apologies for being away so long! I’ve been busy expanding my Saint Lucia store so that it now includes even more luscious bedrooms and all of our outdoor furniture. So frequent shoppers no longer have to island hop! That means I will be closing down the furniture store at Emily island in the next week or so but….will be opening a fab foto studio dedicated to making your profiles look gorgeous. Watch this blog for more updates on this and have a look at my photography to get a feel for the type of work I do. I hope you like them! To celebrate the opening of the new bigger store I’ve also been busy creating some new lines so any feedback would be most welcome especially if you’ve had a chance to see in world.   

Other than that I have been trying to figure out the new Beta Viewer which I think is just awful….I know it’s Beta but some bits of it are just BAD and I mean really BAD. Am I the only avi in SL that thinks this? I read almost daily some people eulogising about the new viewer and I can only imagine that they have been paid to say this by SL. So what’s wrong with it…the  dark gloomy colours, the reduced viewing space, the dodgy terrible camera set up, the length of time it takes to load my inventory, the horrible inventory and menu bars….I could go on, but this is a happy blog. I just hope they come to their senses and make it better!   

Anyway here’s a sample of the new things in store and some old favourites I hope you like them and let me know what you think!   

A beautiful new bath shape in enamel white with a white satin chaise in the background.



Gilt mirror with gold vase & Plate. The cupboard below is in ebony with gold embossing.


Shareta Osumai bedroom in Asian pinks and rose.


Shareat Osumai bedroom detail, hot steamy wash bowl, pink lotus flowers and warm blossom print.


This sculptural Meadowbrook chaise is just 3 prims and has multiple sit animations!


Warm textures in this exclusive black leather chaise.


Black marble bath with ornate black mirror and candle light.


New passion red chaise and sofa set with multi animations.


Detail the passion red couch....put your feet up and relax!


That’s all for now as you can see I have been pretty busy, but look out for more furniture updates in the next few days and let me have your ideas and comments!