Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Viewer Second LifeWell, I just can’t keep up with what’s happening in SL at the moment…one minute Emerald is dead in the water (and still is) the next the Phoenix has risen. I have to say I really like the Phoenix viewer even though I suspect it was released slightly prematurely as it has been a bit glitchy. But for me and many others the rise of the Phoenix viewer has been great news….we’re saved…halleluja!….and it has some great features. All the usual ones you would expect from Emerald..bouncy boobs, enhanced Radar and I have noticed much improved texture resolutions. If anyone knows of any new or interesting functions that Phoenix has please let us know!

From the poll I’ve been doing in my store there is a 50/50 split between Viewer 2 and Phoenix at the moment. In a few weeks Phoenix will whoop Viewer 2 as it can do more and is much more intuitive to use. So I’m looking forward to it’s continued development and new functions which will no doubt help us create quicker, faster, slicker!

One last note, if you’re looking to download Phoenix only the official site has the download, all other sites should not be trusted! Bear in mind that it is not yet an official Third Party Viewer and you will have to weigh up any risks of using any Third Party Viewer. But as someone once recently said…SL is meant to be fun, so let’s enjoy the SL experience whilst we can…the sky is not falling in…well at least not yet!

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