October Group Gift Released!

Group Gift Oct 15_013b

After a longer than expected hiatus the latest group gift has now been released. Yay!

The gift is a fabulous hot tub with sweet cuddles, bubbles and steam. This is a top quality, big, bumper, steamy gift to celebrate the opening of the new store.

It is totally FREE for all group members but hurry it will only be available for 14 days after release and then it will be gone! If you are already a member this would have already been delivered to you, if you’ve just joined, select the group, go to announcements then select the group gift message. An attachment will be highlighted below for you to download.

Not a member? … join inworld!

So What Do You Get?

As well as cuddles and sits this hot tub also comes with a small choice of alternate textures around a cappuccino/latte colour palette. There will be other colour groups introduced to the store over the next few weeks.

Oct 15_008

  • A 100% original mesh hot tub plus cuddles
  • Hot Tub LI = 23
  • His & Her Sits
  • On/off Lights
  • Texture change
  • Copiable
  • Choose the amount and mix of bubbles and steam
  • Flickering candles
  • Folded and rolled towels
  • Bubble and steamy sounds

Please read the ops manual for full details and to get the most our of your gift!


I’m also wearing the new Belleza body which has a brand new Hud with better alpha options, more nail colour choices and just lots more stuff! It also includes a button to turn on the graphic ‘materials’ option for your skin which I did for this photo shoot. It gave my virtual skin a beautiful, soft sheen and glow which is just visible in these photographs, it’s a really great addition.

However I did notice that the body is wearable on my right hand and not on the root which did cause some problems with the first release, however I am sure that TB will look into getting this fixed in the next update … hopefully!

Other than that it has some really great new enhancements and is a FREE upgrade….thank you Belleza!

Oct 15_006

Group Gift Oct 15_010

Group Gift Oct 15_003