Hot Tub Operating Manual

Group Gift Oct 15_005


It’s straightforward to use but here are some extra pointers:


Oct 15_010

Jacuzzi Buttons 1_001

  • To select cuddles just ‘sit’ on either the pink or blue heart
  • The pink heart is for chicas and the blue for chicos
  • Each person needs to choose to sit on one or other of these buttons
  • Once sat a menu will appear and then just make your menu choice
  • You can make adjustments to create the best fit and swap seats

Remember to ‘save’ any adjustments for future use


Oct 15_006

  • To sit, simply select a cushion and then select sit
  • Again, you can adjust the sits to suit

Choosing Steam & Bubbles & switch off

Jacuzzi Buttons 1_002

  • Yellow Button = bubbles – this is just a simple on/off switch with sounds
  • Red Button = steam controls – there are 3 settings just keep pressing for more heat!
  • Blue Button = this is just for show!

Lighting & Texture Change

Jacuzzi Buttons 1_001

  • Light Green Button = Lighting switch. There are 3 settings, off, low and high
    For best results please make sure that the relevant lighting settings are active in your chosen viewer
  • Light Blue Button = Texture Change – there are 4 cafe inspired options – look out for other colour styles coming to the store


If you want to temporarily stop all sound just type the following into local chat:
” sound off’