Lincoln Beach Cottage For Sale!

Lincoln Beach Work In Progress_001

I’ve finally managed to get Lincoln Beach up for sale after a really busy time in RL. It is a lovely wood, stone and steel cottage, 100% mesh, designed with the fashionista beach bum in mind.


~ Land impact = 135
~ Copy/mod
~ Privacy windows and doors
~ Accessories pack = 112 LI
~ The house is a single build so easy place
~ Configurable Doors
~ Outdoor front and rear patios

Inspired by some of the great barn conversions I’ve visited recently this build is a throughly modern makeover of an older architectural style. There’s no need to worry over any lingering farm/barn smells or bales of straw it’s all glossy, high end and new.


~ At the in-world store (note: – We’ve recently moved so no heading back to Ven River :-))

~ At the Marketplace Store

You will never be lost for fantastic views as it is surround by glass, with cavernous, cathedral style ceilings and windows. The interior is stripped back and open plan, with rustic wood floors, stone walls and black steel window frames. The spaciousness is great for parties but also great for serious contemplation, meditation and relaxing.

Lincoln Dance_013

Upstairs has a fabulous attic bedroom with the central features being a glass balcony overlooking the downstairs kitchen/living area and a giant gable end window allowing you to admire the view. A stunning place to decorate and for taking photos.

Lincoln Accessories_025

It comes with an accessories pack which includes indoor and outdoor plant pots plus indoor and outdoor lighting.

Lincoln Accessories_004

Lincoln Accessories_005


You can set the windows and all glass doors to; clear glass, semi open blinds and closed blinds.

Lincoln Beach Texture Changer_001


The house comes as a single build so no need for a rezzer….all the doors come attached! However, the accessories do come with a simple rezzer, just place the rezzed box by the stairs to set up.

100% MESH

This is a 100% original mesh build. This means that you can re-size the cottage to make it smaller or bigger. However, please note that increasing the size of any mesh object WILL increase the Land Impact.


To help with making changes to Mesh and making the most of your cottage please read the manual. It’s online (, easy to read, translatable and will genuinely answer most initial queries.

It will also save a lot of weeping, moaning and gnashing of teeth if you’ve made changes which end up not working out as you wished!

Lincoln Accessories_014