Goatswood Goodbyes


It seems to be a year full of goodbyes in one way or another and now the latest sim to close its doors is Goatswood, one of my favourite sim builds.

Although it was a role play sim I would sometimes just go for a wander around. It was easy to soak up the atmosphere and to admire all the work that went into making it, an almost perfectly imagined and perfectly realised, classic English village. The attention to detail was magnificent, from leaving the train station to walking up the main high street to stumbling across a field of wheat. It is one of the best ‘replica’ type builds I’ve seen, a virtual reproduction of an archetypal English village which will probably never be bettered.


The opening photo of the main square almost looks like a Constable painting, that’s how good the buildings have been realised. So much work has been put into it over the years and the painstaking attention to realism show’s what can be achieved with tiny prim allowances and expensive running costs. It’s the costs (from what I understand and as usual) that have done for Goatswood. It’s a shame, SL used to be all about building and making amazing stuff but sadly the Goatswood people have had to call it a day.

When will LL reduce tier costs….how many times have I asked that question on this blog??


I particularly loved the timber framed cottages, the pubs, the winding paths, the windmill and even the off-sim hills rolling away in the distance. Whenever I visited it always reminded me of many a happy weekend wandering around some ancient real village somewhere and then spending hours in the local pub enjoying a perfect Sunday roast.


I captured these pictures to celebrate what is best about SL and that is its creativity and the Goatswood crew have asked for photos as a way of remembering their beautiful work.

There’s still time to have a look before all the prims go ‘poof’ and disappear for good 😦

Visit Goatswood One Last Time