Atlantis LAVA Beach For Sale On Kitely!

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LAVA beach is the darker, smouldering twin of Atlantis beach with a very contemporary stainless steel and dark driftwood style. She has been inspired by the dark almost black sands of some of Spain’s volcanic ash beaches.

The house only pack is exactly the same build as her Ivory twin it’s just that she has an altogether more exotic air. She has a colour way that would probably appeal to a more masculine palette judging by the number of requests I’ve had from guys as to when she will be ready.

So here she is in all her, stainless steel, mahogany browns and stripped wood glory available to buy on the Kitely Marketplace.

She will also be arriving in Second Life very soon!

Kitely Atalantis Lava Beach_021

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This cottage has a few extra mesh accessories to the Ivory version (see below for more info). So sit back with a drink and watch the glinting ripples of water dance as the sun goes down.


HOUSE ONLY Prims/LI = 62




Most accessories are copiable with some copy/mod

~ Front Porch Lamps plus on/off switch
~ Fire plus on/off switch
~ Built in spotlights plus on/off switch
~ Front Porch plants
~ Indoor plants
~ Indoor floor lamps
~ Fire logs




Built In SPOTLIGHTS With On/Off Switch

Kitely Atalantis Lava Beach_022


Please see the full operating manual to avoid any confusions!


~ The house comes as a single build so is easy to place and move without a rezzer

~ The accessories come as single items for you to place as you choose and don’t forget that they are copiable

~ The sliding doors are not lockable. In order to ensure the doors continue to work in good order please check that all doors are in the closed position before moving, rotating the house or taking the house back into your inventory

~ Always take a copy of your house before making any modifications!!

Customer Support

Your happiness with your purchase is my main concern so if you still have any questions after reading the manual please get in touch and I will be happy to help. I am based in th UK and therefore 5 hrs ahead of New York and around 2 hours behind Kitely.

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