Group Gift For March Released!

Group Gift March_011

Spring is on it’s way and that means summer won’t be far behind. So here’s a group gift to get you started on your spring/summer decor.

You will get 2 white washed texture change beach chairs PLUS 2 sets of potted ferns to complete the look! Choose from over 20 textures to match your decor or your swimwear. Each chair has the sits positioned slightly different to make it easier to talk or gaze at each whilst watching the sun go down.

The sits are male, female and unisex and are active animations for a more realistic look.

Rez by the sea, set to sunset, sit back and relax!

Total LI = 18
20 + sits
20 + textures


How To Join The Group

Head to the In-world store and sign up there (just use the teleporters to get to the showroom)

Search for ‘Moco Homes Emporium’ via the SL Web page


Don’t forget that the group gift only lasts for 14 days after which time it will be gone for good – you will still be able to buy it in the store but why miss out on the chance to get it free!

If you happen to miss the delivery of the gift, simply go to group notices, select the relevant notice, then download the gift from the download area below.

Here are some sample textures, there are lots to choose from so you are sure to find something to match your style.