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Atlantis Beach Cottage KITELY Operating Manual

Atlantis Beach Kitely_024


This is the manual for the Kitely Virtual World version of Atlantis Beach Cottage.

The Second Life and the Kitely versions have the same design but operate very differently so please be sure to read the correct manual for your cottage.

Looking for the Second Life Atlantis Beach manual? 

Please go here.


Mesh Prims/LI = 62


Footprint = 35 x 35 (but variable)

Accessories Pack = 26 Prims/LI



Kitely Marketplace

Kitely In-World Sims

Second Life In world



When you buy this house it comes with a FREE accessories pack.

Kitely Opening 9

Accessories Pack Prims/LI = 26 (variable)

Copiable with some copy/mod items

– Outdoor porch lighting plus on/off switch

– Porch Plants

– Modern Ironwork fire plus on/off switch and sounds

– Built in spotlights with on/off switch


Atlantis Beach Kitely_058

– Front porch with plants and lighting

– Rear patio in concrete plus it’s ‘materials ready’ to add a very textured feel


– A single storey with 4 different rooms/zones

– Living room and lounge

– Kitchen

– Bedroom

– Bathroom

– Outside areas


Lighting is very important in-world and it makes a big difference to how ‘real’ things appear. If you haven’t created optimised light settings on your viewer you won’t see the full effect of lamps and candles.


Go to preferences on whichever viewer you are using and select the graphics tab. Then choose the advanced or custom settings then make sure that ‘local lights’, ‘ambient lights’ and ‘advanced lighting’ are selected to get the maximum lighting effects.


IMPORTANT Remember that you will have to adjust your lighting if/when you change your graphic settings. If you use lighting and shadows settings frequently Then you may have to adjust your indoor lighting accordingly.



– The spotlights in each of the main rooms come attached to the house. When attached, they operate as one single light, all going on/off when one of them is activated. You only need to touch any of the lights to switch on and off


– If you would prefer to operate the spotlights separately then simply detach each spotlight set from the main build (they each come as a single set of lights) and leave in place. Each detached spotlight can now be operated as an individual light source

Atlantis Beach_017


The most effective security to protect your privacy and possessions is to set to the land to private and invest in a top end security or land protector!



These sliding doors will operate well in most conditions, however sim restarts and other scripts can sometimes interact to make scripts work in unusual ways. This is just how Opensim and indeed SL works.


To make sure your doors continue to work well, check that ALL doors are in the locked position before:


  • Moving or rotating the house
  • Taking the house back into your inventory
  • Any sim restarts

If the doors do start acting strangely, place them back into the closed position, go to edit for each door and restart the script.


The house comes as a single build (there are no separate, unlinked doors in any of my cottages!) so it is easy to place and move without the need  for a rezzer.


The accessories come as individual items for you to place as you choose.

 Atlantis Beach_008





This is a ‘100 %’ MESH build –  so you will need a suitable viewer such as ‘Viewer 2’ or ‘Firestorm’ to be able to see the house properly. The floors have been kept as prims to make it easier for you to make modifications to the layout and to optimise build physics in Kitely.


To ensure you can see mesh and sculpts as intended, go to the advance menu or use the debug icon in Firestorm and:

  • Select ‘debug’
  • Type in ‘rendervolumelodfactor’
  • Set the level to at least ‘4’ or more

Modifying Mesh

The way that object physics works in Kitely is different to how it operates in SL.


Physics here just means the way that each object interacts with the Virtual World and Avatars. This refers literally its physical properties in the Metaverse such as collision and whether you can walk on/through an object etc.


You will find the physics tab in ‘Edit Object’ >>> Features Tab. See further technical information around this on the Kitely Blog.


Additionally, the physics properties of objects can change dramatically once de- linked. So making changes to object physics from that set in the original build can have an impact on your use of the building i.e. changes you make to object physics (either knowingly or by accident) may cause you to fall through floors, Stop you from walking through arches, doorways so be careful when making any modifications!


Mesh behaves very differently in builds to prims, So if you enjoy modifying the houses you buy it’s even more important to know what to do. Only make modifications if you are confident in what your building skills and always take a copy of the cottage.






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