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Marketplace Kitely Store Now Open

Atlantis Arc light IVORY_023

I’ve finally managed to get a few things out for sale on the Kitely Marketplace. This will mainly be lighting to begin with more furniture and finally some cottages to follow.

There really are only a couple of things so far;

They are simple enough to operate and all instructions are included in the packs and if I sell anything I will add on more and maybe even open the in-world Kitely store.

It’s taken me so long as I am busy in all 3 worlds….plus Kitely physics and set up is a bit of a learning curve, not to mention the lack of decent mesh clothes, shoes, hair, makeup etc. Things are slowly improving and already there are SL mega brands selling on the Kitely Marketplace such as Heart Botanicals.

Atlantis Arc light IVORY_001

From a builder’s point of view the Kitely Marketplace offers some interesting extras that do make life easier. When you upload a new product it lists the permissions for everything, including the scripts, animations and objects within objects. This makes it easy to ensure the product is sold with the right permissions but in a much less time consuming way.

It also allows you to sell variations very easily and to test the delivery as if you were the buyer i.e. with all builders permissions etc removed.

White Cabinet_003

The last time I spoke to one of the Kitely co-founders he says that they now have 30,000 people signed up but is always a bit cagey on concurrency! They seem to be doing well with having the ‘export’ option which allows creators to sell across all of the Opensim grids that are signed up to this metaverse marketplace. I haven’t gone down that route yet (still a bit scared) because as a long term Second Lifer it seems like a big step to take.

I thought I would end this blog with an update on how my avatar is coming along as this has been a bit of a bug bear since I joined. So here are some timeline pics showing a slow improvement to my Kitely ‘look’ with obviously a lot more ‘cosmetic work’ needed!



6 thoughts on “Marketplace Kitely Store Now Open Leave a comment

  1. Thank you for the coverage Moco 🙂

    Kitely has more than 30,000 registered users of which a bit more than 900 have gone inworld in the last 30 days (the number of people who have visited our site during that time is in the thousands).

    Kitely Market delivers to any Hypergrid-enabled grid, the grids don’t have to register with us or install anything on their end to get this to work. When a person tries to add a grid using the marketplace’s grid manager they only need to provide the grid’s URI and our system does the rest.

    Grid owners who run closed grids (that aren’t open to the Hypergrid) can, if they want, configure their system to accept deliveries from Kitely Market without having to open their grid to the Hypergrid. See:

      • We normally get over 1000 new accounts created each month so conversion rates from site visitors to registered users is also good. Unfortunately, like SL, turning registered users to active users (inworld) is a lot more challenging.

      • That sounds like good news. I feel that converting new accounts to active users relies on making the most of existing and new vibrant communities so that people can quickly get a sense of belonging. The reason I stayed in SL despite the steep learning curve was not just the shopping but joining building groups and having great places to hang out and visit. More could be done by Kitely to promote this IMHO especially on the website which looks very good and business like rather than a place you’d like to hang out in. Just some thoughts.

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