Group Gift Released ~ Create Your Own Style!

Group Gift Nov 14_012

Group Gift Nov 14_020

November’s Group Gift has just been released to my new in-world group MOCO HOMES Emporium, You can join via the store or search for the group. You can expect to get regular high quality mesh furniture and decor.

I’ve pushed the boat out again and this month’s gift is EXCLUSIVE to group members. Although this design is available as part of the Atlantis furniture set every item in this version has a texture change options which will NOT be available in store to anyone else.  You can pick up additional bathroom items including the bath itself in store. So, what’s included?

It is of course 100% Mesh, 20+ textures per item, copiable with many items copy/mod and includes:

♥ Mirror [on/off] Switch

♥ Wash basin plus running water

♥ Plant

♥ Stool ~ plus active sits

♥ Picture Frame ~ add your own photos

♥ Bathroom towel cabinet (copy/mod)

TOTAL LI = 26 (variable)

Here are some sample colour schemes and there are many many more. You can be all coordinated or go for something more eclectic. All tastes are catered for so no more excuses…

Group Gift Nov 14_013  Group Gift Nov 14_015

Group Gift Nov 14_017  Group Gift Nov 14_011

Group Gift Nov 14_016  Group Gift Nov 14_002


Get signed up, get gifted.


Group Gift Nov 14_021