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Atlantis Kitchen_024

Atlantis Kitchen_028

This new retro kitchen was built for Atlantis Beach cottage but would work in most of my cottages or any modern but cosy loft/sky box. It’s a good match for any of these styles mainly because it comes with a built in texture change menu. It gives you the option to change the doors for the base unit and the wall cupboards. You can have everything nicely matching or go crazy and mix everything up.

The wall cupboards and the sink unit come as individual objects giving you more choice over positioning and layout. There are loads of accessories too; utensils, crockery, steaming pan of food, plants, chairs, art and so on go here for the full list!

It is, as you would expect by now, a quality made, original item, designed to make your Second Life experience a little bit more stylish and comfortable 🙂

Atlantis Kitchen_053

So What’s The Low Down?

100% mesh

Copiable with some copy/mod

Total LI (including all accessories) = 99

Sink plus running water

There are 2 sit sites on the sink unit plus drink and chat animations

Under cupboard spotlights plus on/off switch

Clock/radio which you can set

Table & chairs


More than 100+ texture combos

Plus lots more

Atlantis Kitchen_026

That sounds great… where can I buy it? …. I am glad you asked, here are some links:

Where To Buy

The Marketplace

The Ven River Store

As part of Atlantis Beach Cottage & Furntiture Fatpack

Here are a few more tasty pics and of course you can rush over to the Ven River Store to see it for real…. although when I say real I mean virtually real.

Atlantis Kitchen_044

Atlantis Kitchen_043

Atlantis Kitchen_040