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Nest Chandelier … Buy In Store or Via The Marketplace



Now available to buy via the Marketplace….use this link!

Nest Chandelier, Copy/Mod, Just 7 PE/LI


10 thoughts on “Nest Chandelier … Buy In Store or Via The Marketplace Leave a comment

  1. gorgeous! Hint: 😉 How do I get my items promoted by LTD? (Love to Decorate) The items promoted by us are gathered mainly from the LTD Flickr Group. ( ) If you are a designer and would like your items to be promoted, you can upload your images into our group and there is a good chance we will advertise them. To be GUARANTEED promotion, you need to become an advertising supporter of LTD. ❤

      • They have picked up on the stuff I’ve posted to their flickr group but it is a bit hit and miss and competition is stiff. I’ll advertise with them and see if that makes a difference 😛

      • It’s so hard to be “found” in SL because face it, for such a small town feel it’s vastly huge. I just know that though I am a TERRIBLE interior blogger, I never can quite get it “right” I am the number one fan in the Moco Emporium Fan Club because I love you and all the stuffs your create! \o/ Have a wonderful Sunday!

      • Awww shucks…hugzzz! Yes it takes years to build up a fan base and for people to even know my store exists. Luckily for me I still have quite a few customers who have stuck with me from the very start, love to all of you guys too! But promoting my wares is a never ending preoccupation! Have a lovely Sunday and I have to dash…more fly posting around SL 😦

    • I do love you Cao, you’re always looking out for me and I just want to say a BIG thank you! LTD did promote Atlantis Beach Cottage which was great but I’d missed the ‘become an advertising supporter of LTD’ small print 😦 so will follow that through! ❤

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