Dumb Belles & Belleza

Moco Workout_030

I have always been obsessed with the idea of having the perfect all mesh body and as each month rolls by I feel that I am getting a little closer to that ideal. Which for a vain avatar like myself is the most exciting thing….ever!

So you can imagine the mounting tension as I waited for the new Belleza body to be released and it’s good, I mean REALLY good. I decided to put it through a quick test by going through my SL workout with this great exercise bench I picked up at the Home & Garden Expo. It comes complete with texture change bench and matching colour change dumb bells. There are male and female versions.

Moco Workout_052   Moco Workout_047

Moco Workout_056   Moco Workout_049

When I say that Belleza is good by that I mean;

  • The hands and feet are already attached for a start which is heavenly, no more unsightly seams and having to wear bracelets all the time
  • But you can opt to have a slink version without the hands and feet for all your beloved Slink shoes
  • The hud is great and has everything you need all in one place
  • You can change the shape of your hands, nail colour and your foot shape – flat, medium and high – with a simple click
  • The body alpha choices are all on the same hud and mostly they work really well although the alphas for low rise jeans may need a little tweaking as I struggled to get them to work well with tiny shorts and bikini bottoms
  • The mesh sculpting of the hands and feet is truly divine, the closest thing to ‘real’ I’ve seen yet
  • The inbuilt skins that come with it are truly delicious too and are of a much higher quality than the Slink skins. Belleza skins seem to have that multi glow, luminescent quality needed for darker skins which Slink often lacks
  • The neck merge options work well too making the join with the default head less visible (in most situations)

Exquisite feet and hands

Moco Workout_027   Moco Workout_026

There are a few things that will no doubt change over time to improve things even further. The main one is that the Belleza Venus attaches just as another body part which means if you forget to add any clothing the whole body can just fling off, which, can be mightily inconvenient. As far as I can recall the Slink Physique attaches to the avatar ‘root’ making such mishaps nigh on impossible.

Although the hud alpha for the Belleza feet mostly works well a Belleza body with hands only maybe an option to make sure all types of shoes can fit. Plus as mentioned before maybe more alpha options around the butt area for those of us who like to hang low 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, the Slink body is a high quality and beautiful product but I prefer the Belleza version (a curvier body is on its way) because I never did like attached hands and feet. Plus the Belleza Venus has a slightly softer more feminine form whereas the Slink Physique (just my opinion) has a slightly more defined muscle tone. Both are gorgeous but the Venus is the one for me.

Here are some pics of Moco going through part of her workout (gosh she is going to be super fit) putting the Belleza through its paces at the same time!

As normal I am doing my exercises in high heels …. Hence the title as only ‘dumb belles’ exercise in stilettoes!

Moco Workout_008

The Belleza maintained it’s form well throughout the workout…no ugly twists or gappy seams

Moco Workout_012

A few more reps then I’m done!

Moco Workout_021

Time for a well earned rest, one exhausted belle : )

Moco Workout_029


Belleza Venus ~ Belleza Skins SL

Hair ~ Magika [Tendency]

Top & Shorts ~ Just Because

Work bench and weights ~

Skins ~ LAQ and Belleza built in body skin

Shoes ~ Redgrave

Bikini ~ *Just Because*

Location ~ My store at Ven river