On Holiday …. Plane Departing From St Martin’s SL!!!

moco holiday_024

I will be on holiday for the next couple of weeks, sunning myself in the Caribbean. I can’t wait to go, I can’t wait to leave behind what is turning out to be quite a damp, rainy English summer. Ever the optimists us Brits still have high hopes that the weather will eventually settle down and we will finally see some proper sunshine in what is euphemistically called ‘summer’ on this side of the Atlantic.

moco holiday_010

The UK weather forecasters (normally a group of professionals as accurate as seaside psychics) have promised us a 2 week heatwave which would be most welcome. However I can’t wait any longer and we are heading off somewhere hot and lush, with turquoise seas and giant palms. Whilst away I will be crossing everything in the hope that the heatwave waits for our return from Barbados. I can already hear the gentle rustle of palm trees as I write, smell the fresh salty sea water lapping against the shore and hear the satisfying clink of cocktail glasses as we head back to the beach.

moco holiday_013

So to celebrate my imminent travels I have been exploring several of SL’s airports and aerodromes. I finally pitched up at St Martin’s which seemed to be quiet enough for taking pictures and very scenic. It is part of the Sailor’s Cove sailing sims which are amongst SL’s finest and longest running communities. I love sailing sims and have spent many a happy time there with friends just sailing about and stumbling across some great places. Most sailing sims have strict rules on what you can build, behaviours and landscaping which all goes to creating sought after places to live and great places to hang out.

moco holiday_017

Other sailing mega regions such as Blake’s Sea are truly gigantic, and Blake’s I think has around 180 sims and they are great way to spend time with friends. I eventually chose St Martins as a virtual way of getting ready for my RL vacation and it was good fun visiting the sim as it has been well landscaped, with marinas, cafes and of course working sea planes.

So, the photos are all done, my bags are packed and in a few days I will be sat on a powdery beach somewhere, soaking up the sun. As usual, after a few days I will start to plan my new life as the owner of a funky beach bar so that I won’t have to come back! Now….where did I put my passport…..

moco holiday_009

A Brief Note For Customers

Although I will be out of the UK, I always, always  travel internet ready, otherwise I start having withdrawal symptoms and I like to know what’s going on. So, if you do have any questions or something you need help with please get in touch via the usual channels and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I will be logging in but not as much so please be patient over the next few weeks as it might be a struggle to stir myself from the beach before sundown : )

Holiday Gear

  • Hair ~ (Chemistry) – Harlow
  • Hands ~ Slink Elegant
  • Sunglasses ~ Cuty by Shiloh Jun
  • Watches & Bangles ~ Gizza
  • Pink Knotted T-Shirt ~ Blueberry
  • Sandals ~ [Goz Boutique] – Lolita Espadrilles
  • “Just Because” SC ~ Bikini Top & High Waisted Pants
  • Tiara ~ *R & A* by Sizuku
  • Tote ~ Customised RO Moot Tote
  • BARE Feet ~ Slink Medium Feet

moco holiday_025