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My Asian Beach Lodge has always been a best seller but the sliding doors were often a bit … ahem… random. I’d get calls from some very happy but slightly stressed customers saying how much they loved the house but they had become randomly trapped in the doors or their partner had become (mysteriously) a banned person overnight, now unable to enter the dwelling at will….Oooooops!

Something had to be done and now something has… as with Bluebelle Cottage my Asian Beach Lodge has undergone something of a makeover, she’s still an Asian beauty but now she works and looks much better! She’s even lost some prim count too, now flaunting a supermodel proportioned 79 LI down from a more meaty 111 LI. So with all that lower Land Impact you now no longer have any excuse NOT to buy the furniture pack that goes with it

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There have been other changes too, with of course the new sliding doors, (so an end to trapped or banned lovers) and a new texture change panel to make changing your decor and plants so much easier.

She also looks great as a double or treble build, creating a great combination of living spaces where each lodge can be used for a different purpose and with the new lower LI you now have the bandwidth to experiment with different designs. See the photos in this post for more ideas. You could have one of the lodges as the bedroom/bathroom area, one for the living room and one for the kitchen and dining. Additional outside decking and fencing (all copy/mod) are included to help you design your ideal space.

There’s so much more to tell you about her but hey, why waste time with words when you can visit her yourself in world or feast your eyes on her cinnamon woods and mahogany inspired tones in these photos.

She’s had her nip and tuck and is now waiting for the perfect spot to call home….maybe you can help?


100% Optimised Prims LI = 79

Comes either as a house only pack or the house and complete furniture set

Texture change control panel to make redecorating easier but the house is copy/mod so you can choose your own textures

100% prim so you can easily modify

The house pack comes with decking, fencing and lighting

Buy the new and improved Asian Beach Lodge via the Marketplace or in world:

House Only Set

House & Furniture Set

Product Info/Ops Manual

Existing owners can pick up a new version via the redelivery terminal at Ven River or contact Moco Scribe with your proof of purchase.

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