A Slimmed Down Bluebelle’s New Clothes…

New Bluebelle Cottage_030

New Bluebelle Cottage_027

Bluebelle Cottage has been given a bit of a makeover. It seemed like the right time and as she was one of the first cottages I built I feel she was more than ready for some long over due TLC.

So, not only has she got all new external paintwork she’s also been partly meshified but only a teensy bit as I know people still love their prim built cottages. So she’s now a low LI traditional prim built beauty with a few architectural mesh bits thrown in as well.

The biggest change has been that her Land Impact has gone from a big 255 to a slimline 142 overnight which means loads more room for some fabulous furnishings and landscaping. As well as the external paintwork she now has all new mesh doors, mesh fencing, mesh windows, a mesh porch and an improved new sliding door and door locking system.

Although I think she mostly looks the same she also looks a lot better, which as we all know is the best kind of cosmetic makeover!


Very slightly mesh LI = 142

Comes with 2 wood burning fires with on/off switch

Texture change control panel to make redecorating easier but is copy/mod so you can choose as well

Mostly prim so you can easily modify

Plus 4 outdoor coach lights

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New Bluebelle Cottage_043

New Bluebelle Cottage_042

New Bluebelle Cottage_040

New Bluebelle Cottage_038