Winter Giveaway

xmas at ven river_017a

I love the look of glittering, crisp white snow, but in reality and on the rare occasions that it does snow heavily and deeply in London then I barely venture outside the house at least not until it has melted away to reasonable shopping levels. By that I mean to a level where it is easy for a stilettoed woman to get about with a modicum of style and not having to look like a bag lady.

So I’ve been spending some time listening to Christmas radio and turning one little corner of the Ven River store into a  haven of winter white wonders. This haven now includes the winter version of Honeybee Cottage which you can see in the photos. Honeybee Cottage is now available at a discounted price of l$399 as it will be joined in the new year by a newer smaller, more meshified English country cottage. When you buy Honeybee at the lower price you get the winter cottage thrown in as well absolutely free!

Buy at the in world store

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This winter version actually comes in at a much lower impact at 164 LI and it has snowy/frosty textures and a snow and icicle covered gazebo at the back. You will also get some Christmas star chain lights which are 2 LI each and copy mod so you can create a nice warm Christmassy glow without breaking your prim allowance!

There’s also a new frosty white gazebo, topped with snow (copy/mod) and you can get the same Christmas lights all for a low cost at the in world store. I hope you enjoy the Christmas break (if you have one) or at least use the time to count your blessings.

Wishing you lots of love, happiness and good wishes.



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Cottage ~ Honeybee available at the Marketplace & in-world for L$399

Gazebo, Tree, Lights etc ~ Buy in-world following the links above

Landscaping ~ Heart trees, shrubs, pine clusters and grasses