Black Basalt Beach & Burn2 Baubles

moco@black basalt beach 2_002

I decided to go exploring for a change and consider some of Strawberry Singh’s questions about Linden Lab’s TOS. I joined SL because of the amazing creativity it offered, although a lot of that creative landscape has now changed for good. Not just because of the TOS but also the high level of technical know how demanded from Mesh.

I decided to rejuvenate my creative juices and visit a couple of new places and was glad with what I found.

The first stop was Black Basalt Beach, a beautiful and tranquil sim, someone’s home, kindly opened up for everyone to enjoy. All they ask is that you leave a little something in the tip jar, which seems like a fair exchange to me. Be sure to play around with Windlight as the sim is stuffed with misty jagged cliffs, big rolling oceans, frothy shorelines and dark woods waiting for some illumination. The sense is almost exactly like being beside a real ocean, the ambient sounds are great and the only things that are missing are sandy salty beach lips and wind blown hair. I can’t wait for Oculus Rift.

moco@black basalt beach_036

It is a really tranquil and romantic place and great for atmospheric shots I had to force myself to leave. Have a good look around the island as there are many hidden nooks and stunning vistas; an old fisherman’s cottage, a cliff top, the lighthouse, lovers marquee, hidden solitary seating, benches to sit and think a while.

moco@black basalt beach_037

The next stop was Burn2 a must see  as I’d never been before and wasn’t sure if the event would ever take place again. Honestly? It was disappointing. There was very little which I saw that was new or original and it just seemed like a collection of random prims, mesh bits and some not so great installations just thrown together. I’m sorry to sound so negative – I appreciate the work that people must have put into it – but it was just a little depressing a sort of metaphor for what SL could have been, should be, could still be. It was a metaphor for  despite how much has changed inworld in a way things aren’t that much different or better. I suspect a lot of creators stayed away as there did seem to be a few empty slots. Maybe I’ve just been in SL too long, maybe I am a bit jaded and need a break but it was not very inspiring. I did find two exhibits I did like, one called Cloudy Dreams an art installation and the other the Violaceous Forest by Lauren Banthem.

I liked the way Cloudy Dreams helped turn my avi into sort of modern art even for a brief time and the Violaceous Forest was just beautifully made and atmospherically shaded purple.

Part of the Cloudy Dreams Install

cloudy dreams burn2_001

cloudy dreams burn2_003

Totally Violaceous

Violaceous Forest   (Lauren Bantham - 4096sm), Burning Man-Opal (210, 196, 24)_004

Violaceous Forest   (Lauren Bantham - 4096sm), Burning Man-Opal (210, 196, 24)_007

Violaceous Forest   (Lauren Bantham - 4096sm), Burning Man-Opal (210, 196, 24)_011

I always find doing something new, seeking out someone new helps the creative process no end. It’s refreshing, it breaks down barriers and opens up the horizon once more helping me to see something afresh. I’ll be wading through the other suggested places to visit on all the blogs I follow over the next few months! That will help me to decide, when the time comes whether to stay partly in SL or delete everything and never look back or just flounce off and leave everything behind….they all sound appealing!

moco@black basalt beach_012

Moco@Black Basalt Beach_001

moco@black basalt beach_006

moco@black basalt beach_016