Moco Private Life Exposé

Offline moco 23a


I am responding to Strawberry Singh’s ‘Private Life Challenge’ meme which asks ‘what your avatar might be doing when she’s logged out’ or away from the computer.

Until now I had no real idea where she went or what she did when logged off and I must say it was quite a shock when I found out. I did not know, for instance that she had a small baby and that she spent some of her time AFK waiting for the baby father to turn up or apparently hanging out on street corners, doing nothing much in particular. What a shock! Is all that smoke good for the kid??

Too much smoke around that baby....

But what was most shocking was the way she let herself go, leaving the house in big ugly curlers and only, seemingly, partly dressed, her bra and baby belly on show.

More hanging around looking for the baby father

She builds wonderful cottages and is very creative when logged in and dresses fashionably if not elegantly most of the time. So it was a surprise to catch her in a rough looking leather jacket and batty rider shorts.

Are you waiting for a bus Moco?

I’m not sure what to say to her when I’m next logged in but I will see if she says anything first!

Posture posture jeeez....

What's the baby called I assume it's a she?

Time to log back on


offline moco_024

Credits (apart from the jacket these are all old clothes and accessories so may/may not be available)

Part Mesh Townhouse by Moco Scribe – Under Construction

Porch Lights by Moco Scribe – available at my in-world store at Fox and Woodvale Cottages

Bench + simple sits by Moco Scribe – available at my in-world store

Dirty leather jacket by Gizza

Curlers by Njoy

Tutu Bra Top by India (no longer available)

Boots Elise by L&B

Make up by Noya

Imani Skin by LAQ

Batty shorts by ::1BP