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Hundreds of Texture Combinations
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Fox Cottage is finished and is rezzed at Ven River but won’t be for sale for another week or so until all the final fixes are done. None of which will be apparent until I’ve done nothing with it for a few days and then realise belatedly that there’s a door missing : )  Gosh building houses is hard work. I’m looking forward to having a break and a real life holiday in Cuba, I know my Mojito is already on ice.

I always rez my houses in store before selling; firstly to get some feedback (maybe there is something glaring I’ve missed, such as the roof is too big or there are no windows – it could happen) and secondly to test that everything works ok.  I am looking forward to spending more time in reality as finalising a build and getting it ready for sale is a marathon not a sprint! I’ve spent waaaaay too much time in world recently but wanted to get this done before heading off to do other things and being a perfectionist means that (unfortunately) second best won’t do. Plus, nothing is worse than not testing that all is ok and then finding out that the in-house scripts have electrocuted a few avatars and the Linden Lab police are now after me … again. Having said that my extra time in world always means that customers track me down for custom builds and questions which is great, how they know when I’m online is always a mystery but they do. It’s always great talking to customers and getting photos of how they’ve set down one of my houses on their land or made changes. It reminds me of the good old days when people would stop and chat all the time even when I had my tiny first store and every month I’d make a new friend. Everyone seems different now, more moany, bitter and miserable and quick to fly off the handle if a purchase is delayed by a minute. Jeeeez.

The pictures here show some of the textures and the final finishes. There are more texture change options in this house than in any of the others, you can change the floors, walls, blinds and the windows have additional settings for privacy, which means there are literally HUNDREDS of different combinations so it should be a lot of fun finalising the interior decor. They also show the bare bones of a kitchen which is still work in progress and will have to wait until after I’ve had a break. There’s only so much building you can do you know : )

Land Impact wise  it is coming in at 137 which ain’t bad and it is the smallest house I’ve made 23m x 40m but crammed full of architectural details. In my humble opinion Mesh is the best upgrade Linden Labs has introduced…ever! Although it is both a blessing and a curse (more realistic builds and lower LI versus a lot more work behind the scenes to get things built) it is slowly but surely transforming the way SL looks and works. One criticism and a question. Why do avatar’s mesh clothes fly in after them whenever they arrive anywhere. I know it must happen to me too, how embarrassing!

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Love ya!!!

fox cottage 2_001