Work In Progress … Fox Cottage

fox cottage decorations_009

Hurray Fox Cottage the latest edition to the cottages at Ven River is nearly ready. Thank goodness as I started it about 4 months ago and didn’t look at it again until this week. Sometimes the creative genie needs a rest and once I’d had an extended break from building I have come back refreshed and with a million new ideas. If only there were a million hours in the day : (

No such luck, so I squeeze in my building obsession where I can in between a million things to do in RL which are just left to fend for themselves for a while. This is clearly a blog of a million.

I have added a couple of other editions to the cottage since the last post; a foxy shaped weather vane which moves in the direction of the SL wind and a foxy shaped Light.  Plus I have finally tidied up all the loose and random prims inside.

You can see me sitting down in one of the pictures taking a well earned break and contemplating the final look and textures for the interiors. I felt quite knackered I have to say so I had a lovely virtual cup of tea and some virtual mesh biscuits. Work is never done but I will be taking an SL break for now to allow time for the creative juices to reinvigorate themselves and return to pressing real life matters before finishing off the cottage.

I think I’m still on track for putting this latest build up for sale in the next few weeks so if you haven’t yet subscribed to keep up with the news….what are you waiting for!