Fox Cottage Under Construction

Fox Cottage 1a

I’ve nearly completed the first of a new range of cottages which will be smaller in size and simpler in decor. They will have all of the usual features, lockable doors, texture change and so on but will also contain a lot more mesh. Feedback from my customers is that they still want to have the chance to modify builds if they want to so although they will be a greater amount of mesh the core construction will be modular so that the brave can make changes as they choose. It’s always great seeing the changes customers make so if that’s you please send me a photo.

This new cottage ‘Fox Cottage’ follows the naming theme of all my other homes as they are all part of a virtual forest/meadow locale at Ven River and the names of every one reflects all the things you will find or would imagine to exist in a perfect woodland setting.  Although the footprint of this house is smaller it still has a spacious feel as it has been cunningly arranged over 3 floors and has the same light breezy conservatory as Butterscotch Cottage. In fact it is Butterscotch’s more compact cousin with deep woodland red paintwork and even more mesh details. This cottage will also come with a homely, cutesy kitchen and other baking and cooking accessories.

There is some way to go before it is finally finished as although the outside looks more or less complete the inside still needs a lot of work and tidying up and I’ve not even started on the kitchen yet!  It should be ready in the next few weeks (real life demands permitting) so sign up for email updates on this blog or join the subscribe-O-Matic group in world. Look out for the joining boards at the Ven River store (see the links on the left) as there is also a free gift when you join.

The next set of cottages in this range will be Blush Cottage – yes it is a woodland name,  it’s the name of a beautiful type of Rose, The White Cottage, The Woodcutter’s Cottage and Lake Cottage. That should keep me busy for a while and then after that I will start on the winter add ons for the existing houses (snow capped roofs, icicles, snow drifts etc) which I promised to start last year but got side-tracked….as usual.