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Pick Up Your Free Radio @ Moco Emporium
Pick Up Your Free Radio @ Moco Emporium

Yes, that’s right…the retro radios I launched recently are now free, that’s correct totally gratis. I must confess that they are now free due to some tardiness, perhaps some would some say laziness on my part. Let me explain further. These Moco Emporium radios are copy/mod so you can change the style make them bigger or smaller or even wear one if you so wish (see the photos later), they will chat out the station and the current track and you can toggle the float text on/off.

They will also work on any parcel you own. But even more importantly you can add your own channels. This is where the lazy/tardy bit comes in…most of the channels included with the radio work a treat and there are some great stations (e.g., acid house radio) but some stations are kaput. I could have spent time compiling new station lists and URLS and then adding them to each and every radio design I’ve done (and there are a few) but I have decided to offer them up for free so that you can add your own. Or better still use the links below to research and add some great new stations as well. These sites list hundreds of radio URLS specifically for Second Life and are a veritable Aladdin’s cave of musical genres.

The radios are actually very easy to update, just follow the instructions included inside and have fun. For other design styles see this last retro radio update.

The radios are dotted around the store, so take one or all and they are priced at a ridiculously low L$0 as everyone loves a freebie!

Let your friends know there is free stuff available at the Ven River store and if you like send me a photo of you with your new radio and/or your customisations. – search by specific radio station or genre  – numerous popular SL stations

Not sure where the in-world store is? See the link on the left.

Free Radio At Ven River