Red Asian Lodge – More Info

Here’s some more detail and photos to whet your appetite, hope you like RED!

Second life red asian house

It includes a truly luscious furniture pack and loads of FREEBIES.

2 Meadowbrook Mini Chandelier – with on/off switch and colour change
4 Stools – with sit animations
Low round table
Wooden Plant Pot & Plant
Wooden Book Cabinet
Colour Change Vase Sculpture Silver – over 60 colour choices
Colour Change Vase Sculpture Gold – as above
Black & Gold Lacquer Lamps – on/off switches
2 Low Lamp Tables
2 Brown leather Sofas & Multi Sits
Low Ebony Coffee Table
Amber Candle Set + On/Off Switch
Wood & Gold Ornament
Antique Dark Wood Dresser
Antique Stove & On/Off Flames
Steaming Pan of Soup
Meadowbrook Large Chandelier – with on/off switch and colour change
Gold Mirror & On/Off Lamps
2 Large Ivory Candles In Gold Bowls – on/off
Colour Change Leather Armchair – with animated sits
Asian Texture Change Cuddle Bed – with 7 sensuous cuddles (try out in store)
Texture Change Screen
Colour Change Antique Bath – with fill and empty, sounds, steams, sits
Texture Change Salon Stool
Stack of Antique Books (Copy/Mod)
Basket – FREE
Nest of Baskets – FREE
Apple Basket – FREE
Teleporters Up/Down – FREE
Firefly Lights – FREE
Outdoor Platform – FREE

Looking for the operating manual go here…

See the main feature on this copy/modify house

View from the landing
Platform chairs
Relax on the outdoor platform