Atlantis Beach & Atlantis Lava Beach Operating Manual


This 100% mesh cottage comes in 2 versions:




Atlantis Beach_005a


Part Mesh LI = 66


Footprint = 35 x 35 (but variable)

Accessories Pack = 33 LI


Please see the links on the right for the store address



When you buy the house only set it comes with a basic accessories pack.

Accessories Pack LI = 30 (variable)

Copiable with some copy/mod items

  • Outdoor porch lighting

  • Plants


  • Front porch with plants and lighting

  • Rear patio with concrete texture plus materials to add a very textured feel


  • A single storey with 4 different rooms/zones

  • Living room and lounge

  • Kitchen

  • Bedroom

  • Bathroom

  • Outside areas

Atlantis Beach_028


atlantis texture changer_001

  • Privacy windows (via the texture control panel by the right side of the front door)

  • Lockable doors – Simply touch and slide down the doors to open the operating menu. Then just follow the instructions to lock or arrange access

  • The house comes as a single build (including the doors) so is easy to place and move


You can change the windows (and the glass doors) to;

  • White closed blinds

  • Semi open blinds

  • Glass or

  • Clear textures


You can select 3 access levels of user, who may interact with the texture change script:

Level 0 – Everyone :means anyone who touches the control panel will be able to set the texture control menu

Level 1 – Authorized users :list of users must be specified.  The list is saved in a notecard “:mptUsers” (without the quotes) in the control panel.  This notecard is located in the silver control panel object. To access this prim – select build – choose edit linked – click on the light prim – go to contents. You will see the notecard there. To add specified names follow the details below.  Add the name of each avatar who you’d like to allow access to the texture change menu. Each name MUST be written in a new line.   Spell each name exactly as it is in SL including capitals – Beware of misspellings 😉  The owner of the object doesn’t need to be in the list if Access Level is set to 1 in order to have access to the menu. You an access this notecard by selecting the contents of the control panel.

Level 2 – Owner only: – only the owner of the object will have access to the menu.

Atlantis Beach_073


All lights come with 3 settings which are Hi/Lo/Off. They use the Paskis light system which works very well and creates a lovely natural light.  Lighting is very important in-world and it makes a big difference to how ‘real’ things appear. If you don’t have the right settings on your viewer you won’t see the effect of lamps and candles.

Go to preferences on whichever viewer you are using and select the graphics tab. Then choose the advanced or custom settings then make sure that ‘local lights’, ‘ambient lights’ and ‘advanced lighting’ are selected to get the maximum lighting effects.

IMPORTANT Remember that you will have to adjust your lighting if/when you change your graphic settings. The more use you make of lighting and shadows will mean that you will have to adjust your indoor lighting accordingly.


  • The spotlights in each of the main rooms come attached to the house. When attached, they operate as one single light all going on/off when one of them is activated. You only need to touch any of the lights to switch on and off

  • If you would prefer to operate the spotlights separately then simply detach each spotlight set from the main build (they each come as a single set of lights) and leave in place. Each detached spotlight can now be operated as an individual light source

Atlantis Beach_017


The most effective security to protect your privacy and possessions is to set to the land to private and invest in a top end security or land protector!

To open the door menu

Touch door, hold & slide downwards.

The menu options will pop up, simply follow the easy to use instructions to set access, change close/open times etc. You will need to touch each door to operate and update the menu. It can sometimes take a few attempts to get the touch, hold and slide technique right but keep trying it definitely does work!


The house comes as a single build (there are no separate, unlinked doors in any of my cottages!) so it is easy to place and move without the need  for a rezzer

The accessories and furniture packs do come with a simple rezzer so just follow the instructions to rez and to store once everything is in place

Each rezzer has been packed by the doorway to each room, so simply place the rezzer by the doorway to help with placing the furniture correctly

 Atlantis Beach_008





This is a ‘100 %’ MESH build –  so you will need a suitable viewer such as ‘Viewer 2’ or ‘Firestorm’ to be able to see the house properly. The floors have been kept as prims to make it easier for you to make modifications to the layout and to optimise build physics.

See the additional notes coming up next for more information on what may happen to mesh builds when modified.  Use the ‘search’ link at the bottom of the website to find more information, photos and information on making modifications to MESH builds.


There are some important differences between Mesh & Old Style Prim Building.  Linden Lab support confirm that Mesh and Partial Mesh builds behave very differently in builds, which means that if you enjoy modifying the houses you buy it’s even more important to know what to do.

Only make modifications if you are confident in what your building skills and always take a copy of the cottage.

This house is a 100% mesh build (although for ease of use, your own modifications and optimum physics the floors are all prims) .

Here are some points to bear in mind when making modifications:

▪     The prim count for the cottage is the one as stated in its original state. I will provide Customer Support given for any issues or help needed with the original build. Please send an email, notecard or contact me via my blog as IMs often get capped

▪     Mesh objects which are linked can have a much lower combined Land Impact than as separate individual items. This means that you will need to understand how to combine these objects effectively and how to optimise the physics to get the lowest possible LI

▪     Setting the physics for each object in the correct way will help to keep the LI down. Physics here just means the way that each object interacts with the Virtual World and Avatars, literally its physical properties in the Metaverse such as collision, whether you can walk on/through it etc. You will find the physics tab in ‘Edit Object’ >>> Features Tab. See further technical information around this on the Second Life Blog

▪     Additionally, the physics properties of objects can change once de- linked. Setting the physics incorrectly or changing them from the physics set in the original build can have an  impact on your use of the building i.e. changes you make to object physics (either knowingly or by accident) may cause you to fall through floors, be unable to walk through arches, doorways etc, so be careful when making any modifications!

▪     Linden Lab also confirm that Prim count/Land Impact can also increase when scripts are added to the build this is just the way that Mesh has been set up in Second Life


That way if things do go horribly wrong (and they do for builders too) you’ll always have the original to start all over again.

Have fun with your new home and get in touch if you have any questions!



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