Home & Garden Expo ~ Atlantis Beach Cottage For Sale!



It’s finally here! The 7th Relay For Life Home & Garden Expo opens on the 16th September. This is a great event supporting a great cause and ongoing research. 

This Second Life fund raising event is a phenomenon, raising a significant amount of money every year and each year it just gets bigger. This time I am supporting the cause by having my own store on HG Expo 1 and I will be releasing a whole new beach cottage and complementary furniture set. At the moment, Atlantis Beach and furniture is only available to buy at the H&G event, after which it will on sale at the Ven River store and on the SL Marketplace.

Here is a shopping summary of the Moco Homes New Releases at H&G.

I have also created some special decor packs from the Atlantis Beach furnishings which are only available at the H&G event as donation items with 100% of the sales going to Relay For Life, so please visit and please donate generously!!!

Atlantis Desk_010 Bathroom Set H&G14_002

100% DONATIONS TO RFL – Atlantis Beach Contemporary Desk Set & Atlantis Beach – Bathroom Vanity Set

You can view the Bathroom Vanity Set vendor on the web (and post it to social media) at this link: http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/vendor-details/?vendorid=257 

Getting everything ready within all of the numerous deadlines was very hard going what with all of the juggling needed between RL and SL and now I need another holiday for a rest! So it was a relief when everything was finally set up and ready to go. The sims look amazing and any genuine shopoholic would have a ball wandering around the seemingly endless range of goods, services and fabulous builds. I took the opportunity yesterday to have a good look around before the stampede begins and there are some really beautiful creations and great donation gifts. I am sure that you will love it when you do visit and remember  to stock up on your Lindens before you go! Let’s see if we can break last year’s record!

One last thing to mention before I go into the details of Atlantis Beach, is to remind everyone to detach any scripted items or huds you don’t actually need before you visit the H&G sims. That way we can all be sure of a great couple of weeks without the inevitable and unnecessary battle against super bad lag. I know that it can be a bit of a pain to detach things you are very attached to …(no pun intended) but I was forced to remove my new lovely, pierced animated tongue …. but that’s an….er….whole other story 😛


This is a 100% original mesh cottage designed specifically to capture that feeling of living right on the beach, right on the water front. I make no apologies for creating a house almost entirely out of glass and weather beaten slatted wood. There are windows and sparkling light play everywhere. However, for those times where you absolutely do need some privacy you can choose to close the blinds for all rooms or each one and make the glass doors private too, the choice is yours.

Atlantis does have a lovely, serene, tranquil feel. So sit back with a drink and watch the glinting ripples of water dance as the sun goes down.



  • Land Impact = A teeny tiny 68
  • Comes in 2 versions
    • House Only (Plus Free Accessories Pack)
    • House & Full Furniture Set
  • Footprint = 35×35
  • Copy/Mod
  • Privacy
  • Configurable Doors
  • Outdoor front and rear patios
  • The house comes as a single build so no need for a rezzer
  • The furniture packs do come with easy to use rezzers


You will save a significant amount of Lindens buying the house and the furniture together. All furnishings and decor are new releases.

  • The furniture packs include:
  • Bedroom LI = 68
  • Kitchen LI = 99
  • Bathroom LI =68
  • Study Area LI = 36
  • Living Room & Lounge Decor LI = 68 & 32

Please refer to the photos/operating manual for full details of the furniture packs

This is a low LI house and furniture set, created to support a great cause. I will look out for you all when I visit so see you there!

Atlantis Bathroom_010

Atlantis Kitchen_009         Atlantis Kitchen_005

Atlantis Kitchen_017          Atlantis Desk Set_005

Atlantis Beach_084          Atlantis Living Room_005

Atlantis Kitchen_007          Atlantis Beach_088



I know it’s really boring…and I say this every time but….. PLEASE READ THE MANUAL!

It’s online, easy to read, translatable and will genuinely answer most initial queries. It will also save a lot of weeping, moaning and gnashing of teeth if you’ve changed something and now everything looks hideously wrong!

Have fun and see you at the expo!!!

Atlantis Beach_089