NEW RELEASE !! Lincoln Cove Lounge Set.

This 100% original mesh LOUNGE ROOM was created to complement Lincoln Cove Barn. This is a style driven furniture set with texture change seating, mood lighting, plants, books, tables and more. All the sofas, rugs and footstools come with built in complementary texture change options around a natural colour palette. That means you can choose from neutral shades through to muted pastels, animal print and fur textures.

Where To Buy

The whole set is designed to work seamlessly together to create a stylish but laid back interior. You will find Lincoln Cove Barn and my other houses at my Coyaba River Island Store and on the Second Life Marketplace.

The Basics

All décor items are COPY plus some COPY/MOD – see below for details.

Total LI = 94

What’s Included

  • Books CM
  • Book Case CM
  • Footstool [Texture Change] C
  • Small square coffee table C
  • Coffee table books CM
  • Ornament C
  • Sofa large [Texture Change] C
  • Cushion CM
  • Medium Sofa + Throw [Texture Change] C
  • Large Sofa + Throw [Texture Change] C
  • Ruffled Colour Change Rug [Texture Change] CM
  • Plain Rug [Texture Change] CM
  • Arc Lamp C
  • Picture Frame CM
  • Curved Coffee table C
  • Planter 1 C
  • Planter 2 C
  • Medium Coffee table C

Operating Basics


– You can change the texture of the sofas and the throws

– TOUCH the SMALL CUSHION on the left of the chair to change the textures


– The chairs each have around 16 solo male and female sits in 2 locations just right click to sit

– Touch the area below you sit to bring up the menu

– The anims include sit, chat and drink animations

– You may need to switch off your AO to use the sits fully


– All Lights have ON/OFF Switches

– Make sure you have your viewer lighting set to appreciate it fully


– This set comes with an easy to use rezzer – PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

– Just place at the door and press to rez, once happy you can choose to store/lock

– Any problems with the rezzer just reset the scripts via the options

– It also comes with detailed notes from the rezzer creator which are included ‘Instructions For Shoppers’

– Once you’ve rezzed everything see the rezzer options to store or lock your decor so that you will be able to remove the rezzer easily