New Release For RFL Homes & Garden Expo!

lincoln cove 18

To say that getting ready for each year’s Relay For Life Home & Garden Expo is a mammoth task is a gross understatement. So thanks to all of the organisers for getting things set up and ready and still managing to stay friendly and sane at the end of it!

The Expo runs from February 14th to March 6th and as well as myself as a Gold Sponsor there are 9 sims stuffed with top brand names, breedables and fantastic goodies for you to pick up. See their website for a full list of participating merchants.

The house featured in the photo is Lincoln COVE Cottage, the new, blonder sister cottage of Lincoln Beach. There is also a little something for Group Members so please read on…

At just 135 Land Impact, Lincoln Cove has a slightly different, upgraded design and a HUGE free accessories pack which is, for now, only available at the H&G Expo. So what is she offering?

Lincoln Cove’s Free Accessories Pack

  • Built in Pool
  • Texture Change, Ivories Hot Tub plus cuddles
  • Original Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Spotlights
  • Designer Egg Chairs
  • Sun loungers
  • Radio
  • Rugs
  • Outdoor and indoor plants
  • Outdoor balcony
  • All mesh

lincoln cove 7

lincoln cove 16  lincoln cove 14

The photos in this post showcase what’s included for Lincoln COVE AND there is a 25% discount for all GROUP Members when you buy either cottage at the EXPO. Just make sure that you have your group tag activated when you use the vendors. If you have any problems with making a group purchase please let me know.

Lincoln Beach has also been upgraded and now comes with its own pool, although the rest of the original design remains the same. So what are the main differences between the two cottages?

  • They have different colour styles
  • Lincoln COVE comes with a much bigger accessories pack and has;
    • Different internal lighting and an outdoor balcony
    • Slightly different architectural features
    • The hot tub (not included with Lincoln BEACH)
    • Different plants inside and outside
  • Please see the online manual for more info
Lincoln cove 2
Lincoln COVE
Lincoln Beach Original 002b
Lincoln BEACH

The Expo opens tomorrow and is for a cause close to everyone’s hearts. It’s a fundraising event after all and relies on the support of the avi community so please take a look. I know that going to these events can be a bit of a drag what with all the lag …. so this is what I will be doing to try and avoid it:

Lag Avoidance Strategies

  • I will be doing my shopping and wandering around using Bright Canopy. Although it has been a bit hit and miss at times for me, when it is working well it is such a joy to wonder around easily with everything set to max. I’ve set up my dropbox to make it easier to take photos and I am looking forward to shopping and taking in the atmosphere
  • Ok, I hear you, so you don’t want to pay anything just to get in-world, ok, ok. So what I do when I am not using Bright Canopy is to use Firestorm and when I arrive;
    • I go to ‘Radar’ select everyone there and then derender them. It is good etiquette when you do this to give a shout out that you can’t see anyone so that they are not annoyed when you walk into them. Normally I don’t bother but it is good practice!! You will need to do a refresh of the derender every 15 minutes or so as people come in or out of the region
    • I also take out the clouds which sounds a bit drastic but it does make a difference. Go to ‘Advanced’ menu, select ‘Rendering Types’ and then de-select clouds. This normally has an immediate impact
    • Check all of the other usual laggy settings in particular draw distance which I will set to about 190/200
    • You may still be able to get away with having ‘advanced lighting’ on just be sure to disable any shadows and turn off transparent water
  • Those are the main ones I can think of but let me know if you have any others. This way you can enjoy the shop and support the cause in comfort

So please put a note in your diaries as it all starts tomorrow and there is plenty to see. Support the cause and maybe I will see you there over the next couple of weeks.

Hope you have a very happy Valentine’s!

In the next few days I will also showcase my 100% donation items which you can pick up at my H&G Expo store. All of the sales from these products goes straight into the RFL bank ❤ ❤ ❤

Lincoln Cove 1  Lincoln Cove Upstairs