Group Gift Released ~ Merry Christmas!

Group Gift Dec 2015_017

December’s Group Gift has just been released to the in-world group MOCO HOMES Emporium, You can join via the store or search for the group.

This is a simple addition to your Holiday decor and is fully and easily customisable. It is 100% Mesh, with select accessories which will help you with your Christmas styling.

♥ Christmas Tree Shelves and Lighting ~ both are copy/mod and the lights have a subtle glow which you can change using the SL built in light feature. The shelves and the lights are both tintable

♥ Fancy Oval Picture Frames – Copy/Mod

♥ Snowflake Ornaments ~ Copy/Mod ~ Use as lighting (use the SL default light settings) or just for decoration

♥ Gift Boxes (Various sizes and styles) ~ Mod/Transfer. There’s still time to send those last minute gifts

TOTAL LI = 26 (variable)

To get the best effect, make sure that both the advanced and ambient lighting options are selected. To reduce any lag with advanced lighting just disable any shadows.

Experiment with different colours for the light bulbs and for the light settings, this can create a lovely look. In the photo below I’ve tinted the bulbs lilac to match Lavender cottage and selected a pale turquoise light to add to the frosty feel.

Group Gift Dec 2015_023

Here are some other pics to give you an idea of what you get and how it looks in different light settings.

Group Gift Dec 2015_019

Group Gift Dec 2015_013


Not a member yet? What are you waiting for?

Join in store get signed up, get gifted!

If you are a new member or you missed the delivery of the gift, here’s what to do. With your membership activated, go to notices, select the relevant Group Gift notice. You will then see the attachment (the gift) highlighted below. Download the attachment. Gifts only last for 14 days and then ‘proof!!’ they are gone, no exceptions. To avoid missing out stay as a member … simples.