Woodland Hut …. Work In Progress

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The terrible truth is…
I love that I can run away!
That I can escape into this world…
Where everything is anything I want it to be….

…..Oh I love this land of make believe!

Read the full poem by Samantha Page here:

After a bit of a break from building I am just finishing off a Christmas/Beach/Woodland Lodge/Hut/Shack. Yes, I know that that sounds a little confused but let me explain. Every year I usually create a winter themed house or whatever takes my fancy and this year I wanted to create a little versatile hut that could be used in lots of different ways. This one roomed hut, once completed (hopefully in December…) will be special.

Although it currently looks like a place where one of Santa’s Elves might live, this cabin will have full texture change options helping you to completely change the inside and outside look with the minimum of fuss. As well as a snowy roof, a snow maker and some snowy mounds thrown in, with just a few clicks you will be able to go from an house fit for Elves to a white washed beach hut with sea blue windows and fencing. Or perhaps you would prefer everything to look woody, grungy and beat up? You may have already bought a Moco Emporium house and would like it to match, whether that be the soft butter yellow of Butterscotch House or the blush pink of Blossom Cottage, you will have the choice.

Inside you will have options for faded vintage wallpaper or wood panelling and time permitting some furniture to go with it, although that might have to wait until the New Year. With the choice of different colour ways it is going to look good on a beach, great nestled deep in a forest somewhere or just a place to keep you snug from the virtual blizzards and frost outside.

It can be used as a cosy hideaway on your land or if space is tight as the perfect place to keep your valuables, to change your outfits, to rez your stuff or even engage in, other… ahem … personal activities….

Christmas Hut_076

I know from personal experience just how many people (despite having been in SL for years, decades in some instances) do not have a clue how to build…. anything! And by that I mean they don’t have a clue how to rotate a basic prim or even resize a simple object. This continues to be a surprise to me – how can you survive in SL without knowing the basics? However I have spent many a funny hour helping out a confused but seriously grateful and often very embarrassed customer. I enjoy dropping in and seeing what they’ve done with one of my cottages in any case as I am always keen to make sure that they have gone to a good home and are being cared for 🙂

For those who fall into the category of “SL lifer but still confused about building and sh*t”, I can highly recommend the group ‘New Citizens Inc’. If you haven’t heard of them they run many many classes on building, scripting and texturing, gently taking you from zero to hero at a pace that suits you.

So, the texture options will help everyone and they will make re-designing your little pad as easy as making a Christmas wish.

To keep up to date on progress, sign up for this blog, follow my FB page, stalk me on Twitter or join the in world group. This baby will also be offered at a discount to all group members, so watch this space!!

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