Cottage Redeliveries

New store_008

The revamp of the Ven River store continues and this has meant some rejigging of where you will find store support. If you bought a cottage after April 2013 you can get a re-delivery from one of the terminals at Ven River.

These can now be found at the welcome area and in the new store pictured above, just use the teleporters to get around.

There are also lots of freebies in store but you will have to look for them including some plants and other home decor. There are of course lots of new houses and decor to take a look at too and you can while away the hours sitting outside the new (work in progress) store with a tasty hot chocolate.

Any problems with redeliveries please:

See the FAQs

Send me an email or use this contact form

Seeya in-world soon!

The Ven River Store.

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