Mesh Summerhouse Spring Additions

New Summerhouse_016

I’ve just added some new mesh Summerhouses, just in time for spring in the Northern Hemisphere and they come in a variety of colours. Simplicity often creates it’s own type of beauty and these are simple structures designed to bring in the maximum of light and to make the most of the views around your land. A classical, elegant design, with shaded textures and warm spotlights.

There are 2 sherbet inspired colours at the moment, pale lemon and blush pink as tasty additions to the existing village of cottages at Ven River. Both are copiable so you could easily create a bigger marquee of summerhouses and they would work well for weddings or other important celebrations. They have built in lighting with two light settings to make it easy for you to create just the right ambience. Slatted walls and roof allow dappled light to leak through and you can buy the wrought iron bistro chairs and table at my Ven River Store. They will also be available to buy at the Marketplace very soon…ish so set to sunset and enjoy the view!

Summerhouse Details

100% Mesh


Look out for the different colour options in store

LI = 18

Footprint = 9m x 11m

Made to match the cottages at Moco Emporium

Buy In World

Buy Via the Marketplace ~ Coming Soon

New Summerhouse_020

New Summerhouse_004

New Summerhouse_005